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Mark Martindale

About | Allaboutsandcastles | United States

My sand sculpting journey started on Kiawah Island over 25 years ago.  My wife asked me to build a sandcastle with my nephew.  Sounded good to me except I didn't have a clue how to start.  Pretty sure we dug a hole and called it a pool.  I realized then that there's a lot to learn about building sandcastles, so I located a competition in Virginia Beach that year and decided to go and make a how to video while there.  On the way over we came up with a script and produced "Let's build A Sandcastle".  The DVD was mildly successful but my passion for carving sand was forever changed.  I started by cutting the bottom out of a five gallon bucket and purchased some basic carving tools...and the rest as they say is history.  My wife gave me a sandbox for my fortieth birthday and It was the best present ever.  I own American Video Productions Inc. in Charlotte North Carolina and my schedule is usually full with lots of travel.  Well, COVID 19 put my business on hold, but there is a silver lining.  Now I can really devote more time to sand sculpting!  I love it when people come up ask if I'm an artist and how do I do it.  I didn't consider myself an artist at the time but over the years have come to appreciate the compliments.  It's my hope that you too will feel inspired and try sand sculpting on your next trip to the beach.  I have met some very cool people on the many beaches I visited.

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